Friday, February 08, 2008


While Conrad and I were planning our wedding back in good ole’ 2005 (ahem.) I kept questioning him about Indian traditions that we could include in our wedding. After much prodding and poking and google searching he convinced me that most Indian traditions were steeped in Hinduism and wouldn’t be included in our wedding. Bummer.

You all know what tradition I was hedging for, right? I always always wanted to get henna tatoo’s on my hands and feet. So while I was in India I found out that I have a Henna Buddy. Conrad’s Sister-Cousin (I’ll explain that title in another post!) Suzanna loves henna! So, one afternoon Suzanna, Anthony Mary (my sister-in-law) and I went to a little salon for pedicures and henna. I had it put on m feet only, knowing I would be peppered with questions and a complete distraction to the little ones I would be seeing in my vision clincs the next week if I agreed to henna hands!
Suzanna had henna put on her hands, and Anthony Mary decided to skip this excitement and took a nice nap while our she waited for us. Consequently, she’s in grad school full time and the mother of an energetic seven year old.

You will notice in these pictures the fruit of one of my other favorite items while in India…tailored clothes! I got three new outfits tailored while I was there and got my dad 5 tailored shirts, which he was ecstatic about. All for less than $10 each. Don’t you just love the exploitation of the labor class in third world countries??? (okay, I hope you hear this statement laced with sarcasm, but that doesn’t always come across in a blog, does it?)


Natalie said...

AWESOME! The henna looks GREAT!

Emily Jade said...

I LOVE love love henna!! Melyssa had her hands done at a festival here. I wish that I had had the time!! The artistry is so beautiful! Sounds like you guys had a great trip!