Monday, April 07, 2008

The Sun is Peeking Through

The temperature actually reached 70 degree’s here in Ohio! Praise the Lord! Conrad said, “Did you notice you are feeling better since the sun came out?” Really…I have been nearly fully functioning since!! It’s like I BELIEVE there is hope!

This weekend we drove north to see my sister and her new little girl, Abigail. She is so beautiful and perfect! Isabelle showed small signs of jealousy but it was probably a good introduction to her (and our) big life changes coming in October. I told her that Mommy was going to get a baby like Abigail, she crunched her eye brows together and shook her head a resounding, “No.” Funny girl.

Sunday was Conrad and I’s week to do Sunday School for the 1-6 graders. For starters, our big building is under construction, so we moved to a smaller room. Secondly, Isabelle wailed and wailed and refused to be comforted in her class, so we had to take her with us. And she continued to cry, so Conrad ended up having to take her out while I did the class. Eeshh. To say I was tired after the class was an understatement!

Today, I have been thinking about and praying for a family that is scheduled to give birth to their little daughter, Audrey Caroline. She isn’t expected to live, once outside of her mother’s body. Pray for Angie, Todd, and little Audrey. As Angie says in her blog, “One way or another Audrey will be healed today.”


Shanygne said...

Oh my goodness... my heart just breaks for them! It jsut sucks soooo bad!

I am glad, tho, that you are seeing rays of hope. Isabelle will come around.

Love you!

Beth said...

Thanks for the link to their site—wow, what a journey.

I've been praying for them and am amazed at how eloquently they have detailed this whole experience. Like Shanygne and others who have gone through these kind of tragedies, they could certainly write a book. I've gleaned much already just by reading their site. I know I'll become a regular.