Friday, May 16, 2008

What's In A Name?

We are bouncing around some names for Baby Michael #2. Our (i.e. MY) number one choice on the list for a boy is Hudson Taylor. Of course, named after the famous 19th century missionary and founder of China Inland Missions. I think keeping up the tradition of naming our children after missionaries is something I’d like to keep. But Conrad thinks this name is crazy. All he can think about is the Hudson River. And wonders if we are really going to name our child after a river. At least he doesn’t think of Rock Hudson, right

For boys, we also like Phinn(as in Phinneas, but I’m not sure we can do that to a poor child), Solomon, and Boaz. But again, not sure if we can do that to a child. But all shorten-able to easier to manage names like Sol or Bo. Still manly, but less mockable in a middle school setting. Can you see where I’m going with this?

For a girl, we are tossing around Grace or Elle. We like Elisabeth, but Isabelle is the Spanish form of Elisabeth, so we don’t really want to do that. I may have to peruse my Guardians of the Great Commission book to check out more names. Can you think of any girl names? I do need to preface that statement with good names. I guess that is subjective. Although I like Lottie Moon…not sure how I feel about Lottie. Maybe Charlotte?


jaydensjourney said...

Amy as in Amy Carmichael, Carmichael may be a good boys name, it's a new spin on William Williams. Carmichael Michael...oh I crack me up. I've always like Cameron for a boy too.

The girl names were much harder I thought. I have a book series at home, I'll check for girl's names, but I have to agree I found those harder.

You could go with Taylor Hudson Michael - I know it's backward but it still has a nice ring to it.

I'll keep hunting.

Anonymous said...

Grace is what Liz just named her baby. Remember the 2 girls we went to Costa Rica with named Naphtali and Nissi, they were biblical names, and the are underused biblical names I might add :) Coming up with names that BOTH Eric and I liked was the hardest part I think. He liked some and I liked some, but there were few that we BOTH liked. Good luck with that :) If I think of anymore, I will let you know.
Jona and Abby

drowninginblessing said...

We thought about Boaz and Solomon too. I like Ezra. I'm with Eli... Taylor Hudson Carmichael sounds nice. What about Adoniram? I guess the nickname could be problematic (Ad or Ram)... Job's daughters had some interesting names. You might look at those. So, you haven't shown us any pictures of your belly. You're showing now, right? What does Isabelle think of your belly? :) RM

Tara said...

I have always found boys names to be the hardest...Luke James was the only name that we could agree on. As for girls, I have a lot of favs...if Luke had been a girl, he likey would have been Katie Ruth --just Katie - now that I think about it, that would go with the ring of the men in our family...Ronnie, Ricky, Stevey, Danny, you get the picture! :) or Syndey Ruth. I also liked the name Payton or Peyton. I also love the name Micah (I have seen that used for both genders)

However, I must agree Taylor Hudson has a great ring to it.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for any of those names, sorry.

Anonymous said...

okay..i think the boy's name is really cool because of who your naming him after. I am giggling over the fact Conrad can only think of a river when he thinks of the name. Grace for a girl is beautiful and think it fits for the both of you. Praying for you both as you make this deceision.
Kelly Morris/Tulsa, Oklahoma