Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Sink Bath

Last weekend we went to my mom and dads for the dedication of their new church building. It was great to connect with friends and family from all over and see my parents’ new building, which looks really good, thanks to their interior decorator!

Some of you, who didn’t grow up in a pastor’s family, may not have experienced the drama of building a new church. Church’s (that shall remain unnamed) have split over choosing carpet colors! Not to mention, it’s always good to avoid hurting feelings when Sister Good-Intention-And-Bad-Taste goes to the local Wal-Mart and purchases her favorite statue of Jesus pouring water into wine for the church sanctuary. I know you think I made that up. I didn’t. You can always just reject the good intention and blame it on the decorator. Who should NOT be a regular attendee of your house of worship.

Unfortunately, the night was so busy, I didn’t get any pictures. I’ll try to remedy that later. I will say it was a lovely weekend since my friend Heidi and I went for a massage on Saturday (always a happy occurrence!) and I made dinner for all of my family and extended family on Sunday for mother’s day.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of Isabelle taking a bath in Grandma’s sink. Lately, she HATES baths. Which is odd, since she used to really enjoy them. I think it’s some kind of subconscious fear of the potty. But she loves when Granny gives her a bath, and in the sink…no less!


drowninginblessing said...

I wish I could've been there for the dedication day. Our love is with you, Pastor Steve & Molly. Abe just graduated to the bathtub (yes, we actually have one... what luxury!) and he loves it. RM

Tara said...

She is so cute! carlie used to love baths in the sink - although she only had a few due to being in a cast for 3 months during infancy! Luke has always been in the big tub and absolutely would not have it any other way!
It was great to see Aunt Margie a couple of weeks ago! I am thankful that my kids were able to spend some quality time w/ her.

jaydensjourney said...

Jayden went through a "No bath" phase. It was especially fun when I told him we were going to see Aunt Beth and he would start in with "no bath, no bath". As quick as the phase came on, it was gone.