Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Best Monday Ever

Monday at 5am I got a call saying that the air conditioner went out at our building and we were not "required to report to work today." unless you were scheduled to work at a different location. Fortunatley, I was scheduled at the said building and didn't have to go to work! And still got paid..whoo hoo!

Thank God for old buildings! (We won't go into the fact that I get severe headaches every day I'm in the office building or WHY that may be!)

So Isabelle and I spent the day running errands, napping...wonderful napping, and finished our day off with a couple of hours at the pool...so fun!

I also wanted to show a few pictures from Isabelle's trip to Cedar Point with my mom and dad a few weeks ago. She had a blast! But probably not as much fun as her grandparents had!

And then I have to throw in one of our little country girl, driving a tractor with Opa...

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe your Mom has not shown me the Cedar Point pictures. Isabelle looks like she is having fun; your Mom and Dad said that they did. Glad you enjoyed your unexpected day off; we take them when we get them, right? Hope you are feeling better and hope to see all of you soon.
Aunt Brenda