Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Ups and Downs

Well, we had a great weekend celebrating Father's Day with Conrad. Isabelle and I made him homemade cinnamon rolls and eggs and let him sleep in a bit. When we got into the bedroom for "breakfast in bed" he was already up and brushing his teeth. Isabelle went into the bathroom, took him by the hand, with a commanding, "Come, Dadda." and led him back to bed, where he (and mostly she) enjoyed his breakfast treats.

By Monday, mid morning at work, I had thrown up all over myself and rushed out of the office, thinking it was my normal morning sickness routine, I would run home and change and come back to work. By the time I got home I was shaking and had chills and STILL throwing up violently. So I went to bed.

Come to find out, Conrad has pretty much the same symptoms. We were both down for the count for two days with what we assume was either food poisoning or the stomach flu. While, Isabelle was amazingly calm in the face of our sickness. Usually, me being sick means she can get mighty needy.

Anyway, Monday afternoon, I also got a call from my doctor's nurse saying that my blood glucose test came back so high that there was no need for a second test, I was automatically put in the gestational diabetese category. Of course, this freaked me out, especially being as irrational as one can be while sick!

So tommorrow I have a class on how to eat and how to test my blood sugar levels. I have just been feeling SOO much better with this pregnancy than with the last, I couldn't believe this complication. On the other hand, this does explain the never ending fatigue.

We know God is still in control. But I am still a bit worried about the baby, and that's saying a lot, as I'm really not much of a worrier. So keep us..and our little one in your prayers if you think of it.


drowninginblessing said...

Hi D, we'll definitely be praying for you and the littleist Michael (as we always do). I'm glad you didn't have last pregnancy's issues on top of this!! I wish I could bring over a cup o soup. :) RM

Brandon said...

Hey, I'm glad it was just a flu too. How come you don't have your email linked to your blog. I need to know if these are the right words to "As For Me":

Verse 1:

As for me, I will hope forever

I will praise you yet more and more

With my mouth I will tell of your righteuoness

Your salvation from shore to shore


I will come with the mighty deeds of God

I will make know His name

I will tell of His holy love for me

And how He loves them the same

How He loves them the same

Verse 2:

Oh God You have taught me from early days

Still I will tell of your marvelous deeds

Even when I'm old Oh God give me more of You

Until my generation sees

Michelle said...

I don't know if this helps at all or not Danielle, but I had the same thing with both of my pregnancies. It was worse with the first one. I will say this having to check my levels made me a lot more aware. And everything did return to normal after they were born. The children have also always checked out fine. But it is something that we are always aware of in the back of our minds and pay a little bit more attention to.

Let me ask while we are on family history do you have RH- blood also?