Tuesday, July 22, 2008

China Team Reunion

Our good friends and "m's" from China, Dave and Lorna came to visit us last week. We were so excited to see them and spend time with them. And, as a matter of fact, the last time they were here to visit, Kim and I were roommates and both preparing to get married in a few months. So this visit was the first time they got to meet Conrad or Isabelle. we had such a good time talking about the Lord, comparing notes (and laughing) on being in cross cultural marriages (Lorna is Philipina), and just haning out!

Last weekend we also had a China team reunion (I took a group from my church in '03 to do a STM trip)It was at Kim’s house.Kim and I got married within a month of each other. Her son, Andrew, is just over a year old, and now we are both pregnant with our second and due one day apart!! We couldn’t have planned this! Here are some great pictures of Andrew, Isabelle, and Dave at our “reunion.” Isabelle thought Dave and Lorna were great, and every time they left the room, she'd go, "Where'd they go?" Not to mention she would sneak up the stairs to thier room and burst in unannounced whenever she could get away with it!


drowninginblessing said...

Andrew looks like some stiff competition for Isabelle's arranged marriage with our little Abraham. :) You know, I was thinking, if you had another girl, than we can give Abe TWO choices! (no, I know Miss Michael number two would be a better choice since she'd be younger). Glad you got to hang out with Dave & Lorna.

Anonymous said...

We had such a great time with Dave and Lorna when they were with us. I really wish we could have spent more time with them. They said they had a wonderful time with you and Conrad and Isabelle. They are such incredible kids - we have officially adopted them. We told them that we were much more fun to hang with than you said!!! Just a joke there!!! WE have officially planned a trip to China--probably for 2010 since we're going back to Kenya in 2009. Do you think we could take Isabelle with us??? Love you, OMA