Friday, July 18, 2008

The Unfortunate Fate of my Flowers

It seems like both summers I have been pregnant, my plants die. Maybe I’m imagining things, but in 2006, while I was pregnant with Isabelle I bought a bunch of annuals and recruited Conrad and my brother-in-law Hubert to help me (i.e. do all of the real work while I supervised from my shaded perch) plant them in our flower beds. Everything last one of them shriveled up and died.

That fateful summer prompted me to decide to do only container gardening. The next summer things went swimmingly. I had beautiful flowers and plants. This summer, believing that my blooming curse had been lifted, I bought several wonderful flats of colorful flowers and planted them in containers.

A few weekends ago, while we were away in Georgia, we had several big storms and it pretty much drowned my plants in pots. They must need better drainage. But I find it odd since I’ve used these planters before?? Between the rain and the kamikaze birds that continue to dive bomb my hanging plants until they plummet daily to a dry concrete death, I’m fresh out of energy to maintain plant life.

Sadly, three weeks after spending big bucks on the dang things, I threw them out. Maybe next year I just have to stick with those pre-planted pots you get at Wal-Mart. Time to dumb it down a little more.


Natalie said...

Hey, I recognize those containers! : )

I have trouble with plants too. Either the drainage isn't good, or they dry out too fast and wilt. I haven't had plants in several years now, because I just can't maintain them. Oh well.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

At our house I have great luck with annuals that I plant outside for the winter, but I can't grow plants in a pot for anything. Eric is great at it and keeps our plants alive, because if it were up to me they would all be dead. He has a great green thumb

Michelle said...

I completely agree with Jona. Only my husband has the green thumb at our house. For the life of me the only thing I seem to nurture is the children. when it comes to plants I can't get anything to grow. I want to and I've tried all kinds of different things and all kinds of different ideas, but to no success. When you figure this out let me know.