Monday, July 28, 2008

It's the Little Things..

I made muffins on Friday for a work thing and for my family. I got up early and left for work. Isabelle got up later and went into the kitchen with Daddy for her usual waffle and yogurt breakfast. I had told Conrad that there were blueberry muffins, which Isabelle loves. He called me later and told me that he pulled one out and Isabelle said, “Muffin…ohhhhhhh.” And took it to her little table to enjoy for breakfast. But she insisted on eating with her Daddy, “Sit Daddy,” She commanded and he sat at her little table and they enjoyed breakfast together. And she kept asking, “Mommy at work?” Because isn’t that where Mommy always is??

Napping with her favorite Daddy.


Wendy said...

That is the cutest picture! I feel kind of bad for Conrad, though. Because I know all too well that rolling over probably wasn't an easy task.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute, daddy/daughter breakfast. I can't wait until we have that kind of thing here with Abby and Eric. We can't wait to see you Sat. I can't believe Isabelle is already 2 years old.