Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Week(s) Begins

Saturday Conrad and I took Isabelle out to Easton to celebrate her birthday with "just" us. We went to Friends 2B Make and had she got to make her own doll. And we had only one melt down, as we were doing her doll's hair and she decided she definatley DID NOT want ribbons in the dolls hair.

Next we took her out to the fountains where Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some starbucks and Isabelle enjoyed the fountains. It's the first time we have taken her there, but I have looked forward to taking her here for years...probably before we had kids! It's so fun to watch the kids having fun here!


Michelle said...

That sounds like a very nice time for everyone. Only one melt down...excellent job!! Happy Birthday Week!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Isabelle! I hope the Birthday Week(s) are soooo much fun with alot of spoiling and loving. I was wondering what is the name of the new dolly? Is there a party at Oma and Opa's? Will you have too put an addition on after this event? JKing. Have a wonderful time with your princess. I cannot wait to hear all about the gala.
Lots of love and hugs! Terri

Shanygne said...

When is Isabelle's birthday? I need to get it in my calendar. I know it's close to yours, but can never remember the day.

I left a comment on your " memories " post... check it out if you haven't already...

Love you SO much! hope you are feeling well and that the unborn one is happy and healthy!