Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Visit to the Hospital slash Spa

Our OB recently switched hospitals, which means that we have to deliver at the new hospital. I was sort of bummed about the change…until we took a maternity tour of the new hospital!
This place just opened in January and all I can say is WOW! You walk in to natural light, stone, bamboo, and water walls. No bright florescence or obnoxious paging systems. All of the staff wears personal pagers on their persons.

The maternity floor has a private, secure garden complete with rocking chairs for you to take your new baby out to relax. Each “suite” has a refrigerator, a queen size sleeper sofa, for your family to sleep in while you are there, and a personal PC where you have full internet access and where you order your meals. Of course, they don’t have typical meal service, but provide room service, at your leisure, which you order from you Personal computer. Your husband hungry? No problem, order online and pay with a credit card, and they will deliver right to your room.

I think I may never go home.


Anonymous said...

Wow, That would be a great place to have a baby. I wonder if 2 hours is too far to drive to have my next baby. What is the name of that hospital?

drowninginblessing said...

I remember a guy commenting on a similar jacuzzi/hospital room noting, "it was a place like this that got us here in the first place!" Good times.

Leah M said...

That makes me want to move into your guest room for whenever we have our next baby just so I can deliver at your hospital. :) Sweet.