Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Starving Children of Asia

I had a lovely birthday with my family. Not to mention the beautiful flowers I got at work from my husband (which made my day) My co-workers also took me out to lunch and then Conrad took us out to dinner..and I had dessert!! And skipped taking my glucose level after the fact. It was my birthday, after all. For the special occasion, Isabelle "got" me a whine free evening, where she was pleasant and sweet. When asked, "Isabelle, do you know you are beautiful?" She answered with, "I know that."

While we were having dinner at the restaurant, a parent was walking out past us, and commented to his child, “Why didn’t you finish your dinner? You know there are children starving in India?”

While I am fully aware that this comment is absolutely true, it’s funny to hear it when you are Indian…we’ll at least Indian by marriage. I turned to Isabelle and told her, “Those are probably some of your cousins starving over there in India,” thinking of her pleasantly plump little cousins who outweigh her two to one. Then Conrad commented, “American’s eat their bland bland food, no spice, and then talk about starving Indians…” I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, but it made perfect sense to him and I thought it was funny.


Leah M said...

That comment is a pet peeve of mine! I always wondered what starving people had to do with someone else eating their dinner. The fact that a kid in America eats all their food does no good to another kid somewhere else going hungry. If you're going to teach your kids about poverty, do it some other more productive way that actually helps that other kid, don't just use it as a guilt trip to manipulate your own children! Okay, I'm done. Your blog gave me my outlet for the day. :)

drowninginblessing said...

Funny. I always thought it was the starving children of Africa.
Glad Isabelle gave you a happy evening. One tired mom, feeling I will be packing until the grave.