Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Big Cupcake Mess

Last Friday I took cupcakes to daycare for Isabelle’s birthday. When I came in the afternoon to pick her up, the kids where just finishing up their snacks, which consisted of her birthday cupcakes. I could hear the shrieks of the substitute teacher down the hall, as I approached her room. When I looked into the window, I was dismayed, and not a little humored to see a room full of big eyed toddlers, covered in cake and frosting, holding their little cake coated fingers up in the air. It was in their hair, eyebrows, ears, and on the tables and the floor.

Twice the week before I had asked permission to bring in a treat for her birthday, remembering how much fun it was to bring a birthday treat to school when I was a kid. Both times I got a resounding yes. Not to mention, I asked about what was okay to bring. Are there certain things we can or cannot bring? You never know these days. Do I have to bring carrots and low fat dip or something super healthy? I even mentioned cupcakes.

But the teachers told me that the kids in her class didn’t have any allergies, so bring away! I’m thinking they told me this KNOWING there would be a substitute teacher that afternoon….


Tara said...

Happy belated Birthday to you and Isabelle! I have been MIA for a while. I took a messy treat to CJ's daycare for her 2nd birthday -- I took cake which was as equally messy!!

Wendy said...

lol~ I can see the entire thing right now! Every kid loves a cupcake! I'm really surprised that the daycare didn't ask for anything other than cupcakes. I made cupcakes for Sienna's bday treat last year for her preschool but I package each and every one individually and tied them with a happy bday ribbon. The preschool doesn't care what you bring since they don't let the kids pass them out until dismissal. But I'm sure Isabelle was the most popular kid that day! And I'm sure the whole group was ecstatic to get cupcakes!! How fun!

Natalie said...

Ok, I know I usually hate pics of kids with food all over their faces, but these ones are ADORABLE!!!! Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age! Or, maybe it's just because cupcakes are so messy anyway. Adults can barely eat them without getting messy too! :) Anyway, happy birthday Isabelle and Happy Birthday Danielle!