Monday, September 15, 2008

Cuti Mamu

Conrad, being the youngest of four children, doesn't have many pictures of himself as a baby. Actually, the last two times I visited his family we looked for pictures of him. We found lots and lots of his oldest brother, and fewer the more syblings there were. Us oldest kids are certainly the lucky ones when it comes to posterity, I guess!

But a few months ago, his Mom called to tell me that she had found a few baby pictures of Conrad! I was so excited, especially having another little one on the way..I was excited to see what our newest addition may look like!

Conrad's cousin Susan, was gracious enough to scan them in and send them to me, since I've been so excited about seeing them! Thanks Susan!! On a side note, Susan is one of Conrad's favorite cousins and she works for Deloitte and Touche in Hyderabad. All of Conrad's younger cousin's call me "Bhabi," (pronounced like Bobby) which means "Sister-in-law" Of course, my other two sister in laws, Sudha and Anthony Mary are also called Bhabi, so everyone turns around to respond when "Bhabi" is called in the house at home. Just thought I'd share a little Indian culture with you on this dreary Monday...

Mamu is what Conrad's family calls him. Roughly translated, it means "the littliest guy." since he's the youngest in the family, which has turned out to be quite ironic, since he is the biggest brother, by a few inches. Cuti means small, and Cuti Mamu is what Conrad's mother calls Isabelle often. "Little Conrad" for lack of a better translation (and since I get my translation second hand!) We do think that Isabelle looks like Conrad in the family picture, where his Dad is holding him. And, I want to point out, that Isabelle's wild hair comes squarly from HIM...I had straight hair when I was little!


The Polo Club said...

She does look like Conrad in that middle picture. At least you found someone to blame her wild hair on, personally I think it may be both of your genes doing that. Can't wait to see you guys again soon. Hope you are feeling well and the baby is doing great.

Anonymous said...

daniell and conrad
the picture where dad is holding him looks like he is holding isabelle unbelievelable)any way they are all cute i know you were both glad to get them.i stillsay she is one of the cutest little girls in the world i love her wonderful what if sheif her will is a little strong God will use that ro her andHis advantanage,she is so wonderful you and conrad are great parents ,love youall grannie