Friday, September 26, 2008

The Name Game

Last night, about 10:45pm, after ANOTHER conversation about baby names:

Danielle: Okay, Honey, I’m going to bed. Love you.
Conrad: Okay, are you taking Pete with you? (referring to Baby M)
Danielle: There is no one in my tummy by the name of Pete!
Conrad: Shakespere? Jimmy?
Danielle: Urg. Good Night.


The Polo Club said...

What about girls names? Have you even talked about that? can't wait until it happens.

drowninginblessing said...

I love the "Oh my goodness" pose from Grandma Molly (and Belle too). Oh... that makes me miss you guys so much!
How about Julius? :) It's regal!

Emily Jade said...

Best of luck to you and yours...the name will come. I promise.
My birthday is the 9th - I don't want to hope that the baby will come then (long labor for you) - but all the same...
I'll be thinking of you all!

Michelle said...

Danielle time is ticking on those names. Are you going to wait till you lay eyes on this new bundle of joy before a name comes to the two of you? Many people do that. I just have a hard time imagining you with all your organizational skills waiting to the baby gets here.

Anonymous said...

Danielle and Conrad,
You are in my prayers for the delivery of Baby M. I know everyone is excited about this event, even me.
I hope you enjoy your maternity leave as well! Thanks for keeping us up to date with the blog. I read it all the time.
Love to all,
Aunt Terri