Monday, September 29, 2008

Granny's Here!

Isabelle is at home today with my Grandma Margie. She agreed to come and stay with us for the last week leading up to our delivery day, just in case I should go into labor, we have someone to leave Isabelle with. But it’s also SOO nice not having to get up and get Isabelle ready for daycare and coming straight home after work! It makes our week much smoother!

Isabelle calls Grandma, “Granny” or “Grayiee” This morning I told her to go up and wake Granny up and she got a big smile on her face as she climbed up the stairs and barged into Granny’s room, “Wake Up Grayiee!” and proceeds to talk a mile a minute as she follows Grandma around while she gets up and about. There is indeed no privacy in a two year olds world!

Grandma came on Saturday and Conrad and Isabelle went to pick her up while I stayed home. It seems like being in the car that long makes me start having contractions! Not very comfortable, for sure. Before they left on Saturday night, Isabelle and I went to Circle S Farm with my good friend and ex roommate, Kim and her son Andrew. Isabelle and Andrew were so cute together running through hay bails and climbing on fences. Kim and I are also due one day apart with our second children. So, we were pretty darn cute too. Kim has a scheduled C-section on October 6, so it looks like our number 2’s will probably come two days apart!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Isabelle is having a great time with "Granny", and I'm glad life is easier for you. Hope you are feeling good while you count down the days to delivery. I'll see you when the big day arrives.
Aunt Brenda

The Polo Club said...

We are getting so excited about the baby. we can't wait to meet her/him. Abby can't wait either. We will be down the weekend after you have baby M. (So i guess that means next weekend) so you will be home and relaxed (haha) by then. We can't wait to see you soon and I am sure Granny is having the time of her life.