Thursday, September 04, 2008

Name Him What?

Conrad and I have been talking about baby names. I’m settled on names, but him? Not so much. Needless to say, whenever I ask him, he starts throwing out weird random names that come to him at the moment. So a few days ago, the following conversation ensued:

Momma (currently carrying said child): “Babe, if you don’t like our current name choices, give me some ideas.”
Daddy: “How about Andrew? Andrew Zimmerman?”
Momma: (Silent Pause) “Isn’t that they guy who eats bizarre things on the food network?”
Daddy: “Oh ya. I knew I had heard that name somewhere before.”

I know what my husband watches on TV. Next thing you know he’s going to be suggesting Wolf Blitzer Michael.


jaydensjourney said...

Have you considered Stone Philips Michael? Please don't let him watch Noggin...I'm thinking Uniqua Tyrone Michael is not on the top of your list...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm thinking Steven Williams Michael - you get both grandpas at that time. Your Dad would agree, I'm sure. What were the girl's names? I thought you mentioned Molly?
Just kidding - I'm getting really anxious to welcome our new little one into the world. We love you. Oma

Wendy said...

Oh Danielle, I think it's cute you let Conrad have a say in the naming the children! I named all 3 of mine. No options.