Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baby Update: 38 Weeks

Yesterday was my weekly OB appointment. The happy news is that I
am 2 cm dilated! That’s great considering I was not progressed at all the week before! Of course, this could mean nothing, as I think I was 3 cm dilated with Isabelle for several weeks. My doctor even started asking me, “Now what time is your last ultrasound on Friday?” She was thinking about bringing me into the hospital on Friday, but decided against it when we discussed that the baby will only just be past 38 weeks. I would really like to be closer to 39! Not that I would complain if I went into labor naturally.

By yesterday evening at work I was feeling so much pressure I was extremely uncomfortable and although I wasn’t having any contractions, I thought surely this was a sign of things to come. But I went home, and thanks to having Grandma there helping out, laid down and the pressure really decreased. I think it must be from sitting in an office chair all day?

Anyway, my last appointment with my OB will be Monday morning, and then she will decide if we are going to induce on Tuesday or Wednesday. So, whatever it is, we will have a baby or be having a baby by this time next week! Yeah!

And to pacify all the grandparents reading this out there, here are some pictures from last weekend at Circle S Farms.


The Polo Club said...

And the true countdown to baby begins!!!!!!

The Shenks said...

HEY! I have no pictures of YOU waddling fair.

chinaproject said...

we are excited for you guys! we will be waiting for more updates! great pictures by the way!we love you guys!