Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The New Big Sister

As we are getting ready to go out for our first real outing with Grace, Isabelle was observing us packing the baby up in the car seat and asked, "Taking Gracie Home?" As in, is it time for her REAL family to get her?


The Polo Club said...

What she meant was are you taking her to Aunt Jona's. That way she can visit and play with her (like she does with Abby) but can send her home when she wants to attention all to herself. That is why she likes Abby so much :)

Michelle said...

Danielle I was rolling when I read this post. One day she'll look back at this and laugh. She will grow quickly to love her and even like her. Grace is beautiful I think she resembles you. She has the clearest complextion no baby acne on her at all.

The Shenks said...

AWWW! That is so cute! I laughed when I saw this picture - Andrew is constantly trying to shove a binky into Aaron's mouth! He seems to be coming around to his baby brother now!