Monday, December 08, 2008

Big Girl Panties

No, I'm not talking about my maternity underwear, I'm talking about the cool new Dora the Explorer panties Isabelle is currently sporting two hours a day. Yes we are trying our hand at potty training, part time. It's really the best avenue for us, since we have a new baby and usually we both work.

Isabelle pees on the potty usually twice a day, when she gets up in the morning and when she gets up from her nap. Other than that she piddles on the carpet like a puppy about three times EVERY day when she has underwear on...and poops regularly in them too! Even when I am asking her every 15 minutes, "Isabelle, do you have to go potty?" We haven't made the connect quite yet.

Oh well. She still thinks these panties are the bomb and acts like a rock star when she has them on!!


Anonymous said...

We've heard the "horsey" story and have had much enjoyment with it. Do you suppose you could use the horse in conjunction with the potty? Bribery works sometimes. I'm sure Isabelle will catch on soon with the potty training, at least as soon as SHE wants to. Grace seems to grow so much every time I see her. She is such a doll. See you on Wednesday.
Aunt Brenda

Tara said...

I am agreeing w/ Brenda...bribery is the way to go. Carlie was potty trained during the day - anyway, within a week or so and she was Isabelle's age. We used the small potty chair but it all started to click when we got a small seat for the regular toilet and she thought she was big stuff then. It was really a matter of days. Bribery and lots of praise and hoopla!!Nighttime was a different story - she would sleep through having to go potty - she was in pullups until she was almost 4.

Christy said...

For the piddling, you can try gerber plastic undies. You put them on OVER the dora ones and they catch the pee and poop and give you just enough time to pick her up by the armpits, run her to the bathroom with a cleaning towel on the floor and take them off. The pee will go on the towel and you do a load at the end of the day. We had a lot of luck with them. As for night time, Tara was lucky that her daughter only went until 4. We are at 5 1/2 with DJ and he still wears pull ups at night (and we take him to the bathroom around 11 every night right before we go to bed. Ellie on the other hand hasn't worn a pull up at night in about 8 months! Good luck, my friend!

Heather Costaras said...

Urgh. Potty training. Since I'm not the most disciplined or organized person in the world - I was EXTREMELY grateful to Morgan's nursery school staff who had her wee'ing in the potty since March. She graduated to "the big loo" a few months later. With a few accidents here and there, we've been fortunate. Still wears pull-ups at night though. Not the funnest part of child raising. I hope Joah learns quickly when it's his turn! xxx