Monday, December 08, 2008

An Unexpected Christmas Gift

Last weekend we met my parents halfway between our two houses to pick up my Grandma so she could come and spend a couple of days with us.

Anyway, we were at a Cracker Barrel having dinner. Toward the end of dinner we were all running in and out of the restaurant to the store portion with Isabelle to entertain her at our rather long dinner. While she was out in the store, she spotted a big plush rocking horse. Isabelle is really into horses these days. Everywhere we go she asks, “We go see horses?”

So while she is looking at this beautiful rocking horse that neighs and moves it’s head and makes clip clop sounds a family comes up and starts looking at Isabelle. “She is so cute.” Thank you, replies Oma. The adult son pulls out the horse for Isabelle to get on and ride, as Conrad thinks, “Oh no, now we are going to have to pull her off of this thing kicking and screaming when we go.” But he smiles politely at the stranger who is down talking to Isabelle as she rocks.

Soon the stranger’s mother comes up and comments on how beautiful Isabelle is. They stay talking to her and watching her as Isabelle is just rocking hard and fast. Soon my dad comes into the restaurant where I am with Grace and says, “That lady says she is going to buy Isabelle that rocking horse.” I said, “Seriously? No. Tell her no thank you.” I thought he was joking.

To make a long story short: A complete stranger bought Isabelle a rather expensive rocking horse! She wouldn’t take no for an answer. She said it made her Christmas. We laughed and talked about that for the next few days. It made our Christmas too!

We are thinking of putting Isabelle outside of wal-mart to collect for the salvation army soon.


The Polo Club said...

Mom told me about the yesterday. We couldn't believe it either. We were going to go to cracker Barrel for dinner yesterday just to see if Abby could get anything :) I am sure she is loving tat horsey and you will get lots of use out of it in the years to come between the 2 girls.

Wendy said...

How lucky for Isabelle (and you, that you didn't have to pay for it)!!

I can't believe how big Grace is getting already!! You certainly have a beautiful family, Danielle.

cousin shannon said...

Times are hard, next time put a little lip gloss on her, maybe they will buy her a car;)

Natalie said...

What a great story! It's nice to know there are still gracious and giving people left in this world!

Isabelle looks so big and grown up in that picture with her long legs and long hair!

Hope all is well. Love, Natalie

Tara said...

That is a fabulous story! Generosity and kindness is out there was you least expect it. Looks as though Isabelle loves it!

Michelle said...

Danielle this story is very touching on some may levels it's really wonderful.

Isabelle and Grace are both beautiful beautiful little girls. you have a wonderful family.

Leah M said...

So cute!! I bought that same rocking horse (or it looks the same!) at Costco for Abigail for Christmas.. not sure how much that sweet lady paid, but it's rather inexpensive at Costco.. :) So glad it made her Christmas.. that's what it's about!