Friday, December 05, 2008

God Bless Grace

This last weekend we also had Grace's baby dedication at my Mom and Dad's church. Since most of our family lives up north, it's so much more meaningful to have it there. Not to mention, it's very important to us to have my Dad to the dedication and "blessing." Afterwards we had brunch and cake at a local joint. Grace smiled like the little charmer that she is and slept fitfully through brunch.

Isabelle was a total ham. She had on a new little pink dress we got her for Christmas. The moment she first saw the dress she said, "oooh costume." I guess you can see how often we dress this child up. About 2 minutes into sunday, she ripped a big hole in the new tights she had on. What can you do?

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The Polo Club said...

We're sorry we missed it. They both look so cute. It looked like Grace had a really good time and really enjoyed her cake :). Belle is always a charmer! See you soon.