Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Night time Prayers

Conrad and I divide up bedtime duties with the girls each night. This usually looks like me putting Grace to bed and Conrad putting Isabelle to bed. We all used to pray together each night, but as Isabelle has jumped into the toddler stage with both feet, bedtime routine has become more fast and furious and we end up praying with the girls separately before they sleep.

Each night Conrad prays for Isabelle then they pray for Grace and Mommy, then all her grandparents, etc. Then if he doesn’t round out the end of the prayer for Isabelle again, she immediately asks, “What about me?” and you have to pray for her again. So last night, at the end of prayer, Conrad asked Isabelle, “What about me?” So Isabelle prays the following bedtime prayer:
“Dear God, Thank you for good food. Amen.”

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drowninginblessing said...

he he, maybe Isabelle's not so far off... the connection between men and food is pretty strong! She's got the right idea. :)