Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Wedding Crasher

Last weekend was my cousin Shannon's wedding. Shannon is a real Do-It-Yourself'er and she had a beautiful wedding. Just a note, she also designed her own wedding dress and had a seamstress in China make it for her at a fraction of the cost the same dress would have been here! Love that ebay...

It was a lovely wedding and everything was Tiffany Blue, including the cake. But I think Isabelle loved the wedding more than anyone ...else. She ran around like a wild woman for the entire reception. Back and forth, back and forth. She danced like crazy everytime the music started. I'm sure she had never heard music like that in her life, and well, in the words of Gloria Estevan, the rhythm is gonna get ya

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Anonymous said...

daniell,the pictures were wonderful,isabelle did have such a good time,what a little beauty she is,and gracie that look on her face was worth it's weight in gold .go to www.mikebrice.com click on blog a sample of shannon's pictures are there.love and miss you guys granny