Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snapshots of India, Continued: Lord of the Flies

At times, there were so many kids at Conrad’s Mom’s house it felt like Lord of the Flies! They ran in packs. The Michael children seem to be born in two’s. So there is Arnold (8 years) and Alistair (7 years), followed by Alana (3 years) and Isabelle (2 years), then Grace (6 months) and Aaron (5 months).

So it went like this: Alana is used to being the little queen of the house. She runs things, and really has been the baby for all her years. Enter Isabelle. Isabelle is strong willed, and let’s face it, a bit of a bully when it comes to getting her way. These two were like oil and vinegar. There was constant confrontation from day one!

Arnold and Alistair’s job was to keep the smaller girls safe and happy. So, Alana cries, Alistair gets in trouble, Isabelle cries, Alistair get’s in trouble, Alistair cries, Alistair get’s in trouble. Being the oldest is so unfair. I should know.

It also didn’t take Isabelle long to discover how to escape. Before any of us would realize, Isabelle would have slipped out of the house and up the outside staircase, up four flights of stairs and onto the roof. OR, better yet, she slipped the latch out of the outside gate and took off down the street…and around the corner!
The boys job was to chase her down, cajole her back, or as more often was the case, come back to tell Danielle Auntie that Isabelle refused to cooperate and to come and get her uncooperative child.

At one point, Isabelle actually BIT Alistair on the tummy! He had to go get a tentus shot. BIT HIM! To my knowledge, Isabelle has never bit anyone, ever…except Alistair. When we left the boys where like, “THANK GOD SHE’S GOING HOME! Bring her back when she grows up!” Who can blame them?

But we did have a good time with the kids. I brought a twister game which was endless fun for Arnold and Alistair and VERY entertaining for us grown ups, especially when Conrad and a few other adults got involved!

I also brought an egg decorating kit and had stuffed a few dozen plastic eggs with candy and packed it. I told the boys about it but wouldn’t show them the stash. They were chomping at the bit to do the Easter Egg hunt and LOVED it when we did it. Conrad had to literally hold the boys back before we let them go to search for eggs. They had never colored eggs or done an Easter Egg hunt! How fun!


The Polo Club said...

Oh yea, you poor older child, never did anything to me, but always got into trouble! YOu never shoved me down a laundry shoot, or locked me a cooler or any of those things. I feel no sympathy and neither does my therapist :) However, I am sure Isabelle had a good time and I am sure the boys were glad Gracie was not old enough to bite them :) Can't wait to see you guys!

Leah said...

Oh my. Isabelle is her own little person, isn't she? Good thing we're not all that close in proxmimity afterall. Abby and Isabelle as friends in their teen years would be a really really scary thing.

Oma said...

You are placing too much blame on my little Isabelle - I'll bet those kids picked on her ahe only defended herself - and this comes from any self-respecting Oma. Isabelle is a joy. She was perfect when she stayed with us!!! :-) (Do I sound like Gramma Margie now?) But tis - true!
So glad you are all back safe and sound. Conrad, we missed you but not as much as your little family did!!

Oma said...

Give my two little angels kisses and hugs from Oma. Tell them Oma loves them best. I will bring them something back from Africa. Will see you soon. Love

Michelle said...

Danielle I don't know how you do it. One day you will tell these stories to your grandkids and laugh about it, until then keep the stories coming for the rest of us.