Thursday, April 09, 2009

Snapshots of India: Isabelle

Isabelle is my beautiful Indian baby. My Sister-in-Law, Sudha, put a bindi on her forehead while we were there a couple of days and boy, she really looked like a little Indian beauty.

Isabelle is also two. You should be able to read the implied in that simple sentence. Suffice to say, jet lag took its toll on her, hence on us as well! She didn’t stop getting up at 4am until about nine days into our trip. Not to mention, she had terrible two melt downs hourly. But, once we hit home, she mellowed out immediately. I think she was missing the routine and familiar. Actually, she was nearly comatose after 30 hours of travel. Grace? Still smiling, even after all of that travel!

During the first couple of days in India Isabelle discovered the auto rickshaw. Most of the auto’s you see are the bright yellow color of school buses here. The first time she really saw them was when the “Auto Uncle” came to pick up her cousins, Alistair and Alana for school. It’s a hired driver, who picks up kids, like a school bus. He patiently waits at each house for 5-6 minutes for each family to finish getting their kids ready for school! So Isabelle naturally thought these auto’s were school buses. Her Atta even took her out one morning and let her sit in the “School bus” with the other kids before they left. She was so excited!

Auto’s are the main mode of transportation in India. Just imagine…no car seat, no seat belts, no windows, no doors….45 – 50 mph. LOTS of insane traffic, no traffic laws. Good times. And my friends wonder why I’m so laid back about “car seat” drama in the US.


The Polo Club said...

Those are some really cute pictures of her. In most of them she looks really happy. I hope she adjusts back quickly for everybody's sake. Love you all and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

i hope that's her plate thats about full,she is such a beauty and so wonderful,i miss them so love and prayers granny