Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 4 years

Today is Conrad and I's fourth anniversary...four wonderful years and two beautiful children. God is good!


Oma said...

Congratulations, Honey!!! Hope you had a good day. When can I schedule your couples massage for you? Did you enjoy your dinner at Shea Francois? More than that - did you find a nice house in Vermilion? We'll see you on Sunday afternoon when we bring Gram. Love you all

Anonymous said...

God is good there is nothing you and conrad could have done greater than giving us those two beautiful children,i do'nt know who enjoyes them thr most you guys or us,then there is eian and abby ,how i enjoy all of them,have a great day love you all granny

drowninginblessing said...

Happy 4 years! Wow, time flies. Seems like yesterday that we were still "the eternal" singles. Looking forward to some new family pictures with little Gracie on the outside of that beautiful belly! :) Glad to hear you got some time away... the two of you. Mark is taking me for a night to the mountains on Sat.... a birthday/ pre-baby getaway