Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hi Daddy! We miss you...

Dear Daddy,

Since you are working in Baltimore for the week, I wanted to post some pictures of me and Gace for you. I'm doing good on the potty while you are gone and Gace is feeling much better! Gace is miling all the time for Ganny and we are having fun with her. I had fun at dance class last night and I was the best listener for Ms. Kelly. I hope we get to go pick stwaberries this week. Come home soon, we miss you!

Love Isabelle.


drowninginblessing said...

I love the Dora panties. What a cutie!

Oma said...

Hope you are having fun with Granny. Isabelle, I heard you were to best little girl in dance class Monday. I am so proud of you for being a big girl and going to the potty. Give Gracie funnies from Oma. I love and miss you both.