Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ikea Addiction

I used to LOVE Ikea. I thought I was really over it, I had out grown it. My style had matured past cheap sweedish furniture. I went again last week and have a visa bill to prove that I. AM. NOT. I still LOVE this store. I mean, I get serious home improvement lust as I stroll the three miles of showrooms and marketplaces in that store.

When I go I want to replace my faucets, gut my kitchen, buy new couches and new curtains. I want to re-organize all of my stuff, and buy cool orange storage boxes to put it in. I want to put new nobs on all of my cabinets and on all of my dressers, and I want new clocks, and new desks. And it’s all soooo cheap!
So…I settled for the below:
A new Kitchen Island

Curtains for the sliding door in the kitchen

Lamps for our bedside table

Lamp shades, pink sheets, and picture frames (still without pictures) for Isabelle's room:

and a zester and a veggie knife...which I don't have a picture of!Of course, I had to make the trip while Conrad was out of town ;) To make matters worse, they opened an Ikea in Cincinnati…where I venture at least twice a month for work. I ask you, who can resist $5 lamp shades?

And, not to mention, while Conrad was on his painting kick we painted the kids bathroom...thus completes ALL rooms in the house!


jaydensjourney said...

I share your addiction! The house looks awesome!

drowninginblessing said...
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Shanygne said...

I share it, too.... I have actually set up an IKEA fund for us... money that gets saved up for the inevitable IKEA trip.... we did the "wood" flooring in our bedroom last fall and we LOVE it... we are probably going to redo the floors in the front of the house, now, too... priced it at a flooring store and were FLOORED by how much it would cost...

and Rachel is right.. you ARE a great domestic!

Anonymous said...

You know, Danielle, that you have half the family hooked on IKEA; and it doesn't matter the age. I think Thornton has nightmares every time I mention an IKEA trip. Joe, Tab and I were talking about an IKEA trip yesterday at lunch and Thornton just shakes his head. Your house does look great. I can't wait to see it in person. I had fun with Isabelle last weekend. Love you guys,
Aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

i will take the little girls you can have the house,ask conrad if he would like me to sneak your visa card away and put in a safe place where no one can use it,just kidding the house looks great,you guys did such a good job looking forward to seeing youall next wk. end love and prayers granny