Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pretty In Pink

We finally finished Isabelle’s bedroom. She has been sleeping in the un-painted-throw-all-the-extra-furniture-that-we-don’t-know-what-to-do-with room for quite some time now. I have had visions of pink for nearly a year, but lacked the time or attention span to do the project. Fortunately, Conrad get’s on painting kicks and when he rides that train, I have to take advantage of it! So paint we did..or I should say..he did.

We had bought her a quilt several months ago, and I took the pillow in to Lowe’s to match the paint. I think I chose very minor colors in the design because when we finished painting, I LOVED it, but it didn’t match the quilt very well…*sigh* The top third is a very light pink and the bottom two thirds is a cranberry color. It looks great! I finished off the room by moving her name and a few picture frames in, and bought great pink lamps from Ikea. We got rid of all of the extra furniture and moved in her new toy box and her little kitchen. It is so pink and fuzzy we all love it and spend quite a bit of time in there.

Yesterday I found her in her bedroom “christening” her new bed with every kind of liquid toiletry in she could find in her bathroom….dumping it out on her quilt. With a little bit of perspective, it’s funny and..well…washable. But at the moment, it’s really not that funny. How come it only takes these little tornadoes minutes to do the actual damage, but hours to clean up??


Oma said...

I have to laugh at the pictures and the stories. I would just love to get inside her head for alittle while to figure out what she's thinking!!! She was so fun playing with last week. I can't wait until I can have all 3 of the girls with us for "Grandparent's Camp". We will have a blast!!! I'm already looking for ideas! I love the room. I can't wait to come down and spend the night in Isabelle's room! :-)

Anonymous said...

that looks amazing love granny