Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Creative Solutions

As I've mentioned before, Grace is getting to the stage where she's getting into things. When we found her playing in Isabelle's full potty, we decided we needed to move the potty out of her reach. Our thought was that we would just move it back down when Isabelle needed to use it again. But Isabelle had other ideas.


Oma said...

Danielle, she reminds me so much of YOU. Where there's a will - there's a way!!! Opa and I are missing them both-very much!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my!!! if she doesnt think of it you needent try,hope my gracy is feeling better i am praying for her ,we are anxious to see you guys next wk.end what would you like me to do to help with food .love you guys grannie

drowninginblessing said...

That puts a new spin on the term porcelain throne! This is probably, like most of your blogs, news we can use in the near future. Rachel, enjoying those little baby gurgles