Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Binky Thief Strinkes Again

Grace is growing away. She has been sick the last week or so, but even when she is not feeling well she is still pleasant. She is now sleeping very well through the night and I’m a little sad and a little happy to tell you that I’ve completely weaned her. She is standing up on her own. She can stand, without holding onto anything for over a full 60 seconds! She’s crawling all over the place and we’ve pulled out the baby gate again. If you shake your head back and forth at her, she’ll do it back to you. It’s one of her favorite things to do, actually. If you grunt at her, she’ll mimic you and grunt back. And she’ll continue as long as you will.

Last week, at about two in the morning, I heard (in the baby monitor) Grace cry out in outrage. Then I heard a little voice sweetly, with an edge of I’m-gonna-get-in-trouble desperation, say, “It’s okay Gracie, It’s okay.” Conrad went upstairs to discover, Isabelle had woken up, snuck into Grace’s room, reached into her crib and pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. Who knows what else she did?! That night Grace didn’t go back to sleep till 5 a.m.!

Needless to say, the next morning I took Isabelle to the freezer. I showed her her beloved box of popsicles. I told her if she ever steps foot into Grace’s room at night again, I will throw out all of her popsicles! We haven’t a problem since

On a sad note. We are having technology breakdown in the Michael household. My palm died a rather sudden death. I’m currently without my calendar or contacts on a day to day basis. I’m constantly nervous that I’m going to need someone’s phone number that I won’t have it! Then, last Monday, the girls and I were at the Easton fountains playing and my camera just gave out. Now the display and the pictures are nothing but weird jiggly lines. Now I really feel like I’m missing a limb! Of course, both of these are great (albeit expensive) reasons to upgrade/upgrade.


Leah said...

Good thing Abigail doesn't read.. she would think Isabelle was such a smarty and try to copy her idea. My two are in teh same room, so far, it hasn't occurred to Abby that she could get out of bed to "play" with Luke yet. We hope that day never comes.

Oma said...

Gracie's pictures are so beautiful. I can't wait to see her. I hope you are putting away more "counseling dollars". I'm sure your sister could recommend a good counselor for Gracie. :-) Just kidding. Now, don't pick on Isabelle, she's just adjusting to change....See you soon.

Anonymous said...

oh my!!!it's a good thing i did'nt see this before mol left i would have had to come along, they are both so precious love gram

The Polo Club said...

Thanks to that maryland trip, popsicle is a word that Abby knoes too. If you say popsicle she goes to the fridge and starts pointing upward. So, thanks to all for creating that same addiction in Abby :) lol!! Can't wait to see you all on Saturday!

Heather Costaras said...

Funny! Funny! Funny! Late-night-dummy-thieving big sister and popsicle threats. I just love it! xx