Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Visit to Olivia's

Last week Isabelle and I decided to take a little mini vacation. We left Grace with my parents and Grandma, and we left Daddy at home and we took a trip to visit my friend’s Mike and Cara in Michigan. They have three kids, the youngest is Olivia. Olivia, like Isabelle, is three. Olivia, like Isabelle, is a drama queen. They took turns melting down. When I returned after one of Isabelle’s “moments”, I would find Cara and Mike smirking and guffawing at the table. “What are you smirking about?” Cara answered, “We're just glad when it’s someone else’s kid.” My thoughts exactly.

But we had so much fun hanging out, going to Lake Michigan, and TALKING. Cara and I love to talk. Maybe more than most. Every night we stayed up late yakking about life and arguing about politics! Her dad, a true Greek, even jumped into the argument. We nearly woke up the whole house. Her family is a loud greek family, while mine is your run of the mill loud hillbilly family.

I think the highlight of the week was watching Isabelle and Olivia, dressed up in Cara and her sister’s old ballet costumes. Olivia’s most favorite video of all times is Mama Mia. She knows all of the words to all of the songs…and the motions! So she got Isabelle involved and they danced their little hearts out to Abba.


Anonymous said...

se pictures are so cute i'm sure they had fun love ye all gram.

drowninginblessing said...

I love the beach photo. It looks so nice and warm there now! Pray for Sam... he has a cough and sinus problem. Such a big cough for such a little fellow!