Thursday, September 03, 2009

Grace the Gallant

Grace is so brave. She isn’t even 11 months old and she is walking. Granted, she doesn’t walk all the time, mostly, she walks when it’s inconvenient to crawl. But she is hilarious. On Monday, my friend Kim came over with her two boys and the four kids played outside. Grace and Kim’s youngest, Aaron are two days apart and they are in daycare together so they are used to playing together. One takes off, and the other one follows close behind. It’s so funny to see these two little baby behinds chugging along. Our babysitters told me that they take turns stealing binky’s from the other’s mouth and laughing when the other cries. She is still the sweetest and most easy going baby. Every night as I lay her in her crib and she puts her babywise self to bed, I thank God. Because it was not her Babywise drop-out parents that made her this way!

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Anonymous said...

she is just to beautiful,love ye all granny