Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Missing our Kids

Our babysitter is on vacation this week, so we had to make some alternative arrangements for childcare for a few days. So we went to my mom and dad's for Labor Day and then left Grace and Isabelle there with them and Grandma for the week. They put Grace's pack and play up at my Grandma's house and she slept over there at night. Although she got Gram up quite a bit earlier than she's used to rising, I think she enjoyed the early morning cuddle with Grace. There's nothing like sweet smiley Gracey in the morning! Gram said she felt like Sarah in the Bible, who enjoyed a baby in her old age.

Conrad and I have been enjoying much sleep and relaxing evening doing absolutely nothing. I have even been taking a cooking sabatical! But, after an hour or so in the evenings, we look at each other with a what-are-we-supposed-to-do-now look? Boy, do we miss our girls and are already counting the hours until Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful day with your girls today. I'm sure you miss them but please take care of yourself and try to enjoy your rest. I love you.
aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

oh!!!!! how i miss them, love and prayers gram

drowninginblessing said...

Ah... too bad I'm late reading this! I would've skyped you for your evening entertainment. :)