Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Grace's Birthday Party

Wow! We had such a great time at Grace's 1st Birthday party. In true Indian fashion we had a big party and got to celebrate with tons of friends and family! We have, in the past, had birthday parties at my parents house since it's usually family up north who join us and it's so much more convienient for them. But it's also a lot of work for my mom (who SAYS she loves it..but still!)

We had Indian food and Pizza (for the less adventuruous eaters and kids). I also Martha Stewart-ed it up with Lady Bug cupcakes and Dark chocolate Cupcakes...yum! I have to say that I was pretty proud of these cupcakes and the hours of rolling little fondant balls to make bugs paid off!

For the kids we decorated our own sippy cups, had tatoos and a few other crafts, as well as a game and a bouncy to play in. I had made little favor bags of toys and the highlight (ah-em) was the little birdie whistle each child got. I need to say to all of the parents of guest(again) thanks for coming and I'm sorry about the whistle!

Grace ran around and chased the kids the best she could! She had a blast and didn't really know what to think about all of the presents. Honestly, I'm not sure who's playing with them more..Isabelle or Grace. Grace patiently waits her turn as Isabelle comendeers her toy box. I'm sure Isabelle thinks they are her's...and Grace thinks they are Isabelle's too!

(p.s I don't have that many great pictures. I only took a few before the party started..but then was too busy. Someone else (who shall remain nameless: Honey. Took pictures but forgot to OPEN THE FLASH so everything is blurry. p.p.s SEND PICS TO ME IF YOU HAVE THEM!)

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