Thursday, October 01, 2009

September, in Review

It has been a busy and crazy few weeks here in our world. Some good, some not so good. In spite of our ups and downs, our kids have kept growing and kept us busy! I have to tell you that there is nothing in the world like snuggling with my baby as she drifts off to sleep. There is something about her that makes my cares just slip away and leaves contentment and thankfulness in it's place.

While we are on the topic of Grace...she will be a year old in a few days! I can't believe it! We are very excited to celebrate her birthday in true Indian fashion..with a big party!! Well..not "Indian big" (which would be 300-400 people) but American big anyway!

Isabelle started preschool at the beginning of the month and she loves it. Granted, the first couple of weeks the teacher had to wretch her screaming from my arms as a line of parents waited behind me. *sigh* But she seemed to turn a corner, all of the sudden, and she's fine with being dropped off at preschool, and at the sitters, and (miracle of miracles) at Sunday School! Which she has historically hated!


The Polo Club said...

Can't wait until Grace's birthday party. It will be fun seeing the kids and having the kids play together! They miss eachother! See you Saturday!

Anonymous said...

those pictures are adorable soo looking forward to sat. love you guys granny

drowninginblessing said...

Thanks for the photos. Looking forward to hearing about the b day! Abe's went well. Finger painting was a big hit. :) Two year olds are easily entertained.