Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bakin' Babies

BEFORE the unfortunate foot incident I managed to bake a few dozen cookies. I had planned on baking more and even have a fridge full of butter to prove it! After I broke my foot, I decided some things had to go and cookie baking didn't make the cut. So sorry, Butter, old friend. Know that you will always hold a special place in the Michael family mixer.

One of the things I always pictured doing when I had children was baking with them. Boys...girls..what kid wouldn't love getting dirty in the kitchen and making sweets?? And my kids DO love it. I have had Isabelle helping me for a couple of years at whatever capacity she can. And she can do a lot, actually. She can crack eggs, add ingrediants measured into cups. Now she can help roll out dough, use cookie cutters, and of course, add decorations. We usually all end up a bit covered in whatever, but the time together is usually worth the effort!

This year Grace got into the fun. She climbs up into a chair and her head just peeks up above the island. When she thinks I'm not looking, she quickly reaches her little hand up and grabs a hunk of just rolled out dough with her fingers and shoves it into her mouth. It was so funny, I couldn't reprimand her at all that evening! She thought she was being so sly!

But as you can see from the pictures, we were all covered in flour! More priceless memories!


Wendy said...

I can't believe how big the girls are getting! They are so beautiful Danielle! Looks like everyone had fun!

Anonymous said...

those pictures are adoreable love granny

drowninginblessing said...

So cute! We didn't get around to cookies this year either. Maybe they'll be new year's treats. Can't wait til you come!

Michelle said...

The girls look like they are having a blast! Sorry about your foot, I'm sure it may have slowed down some of your activities, but the ones you got to accomplish were great!

Oma said...

Danielle, Aunt B and I always talk about how we don't know how you have time to do all the things that you do - especially this Christmas with the broken foot and all. I'm proud of you Honey. You are a wonderful mother to my beautiful granddaughters.