Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Payne-Full Christmas

Last weekend was our annual Payne Christmas party. It was really nice to be with family. Conrad was working (as usual this year!) and couldn't be there, but we had fun anyway!

Isabelle and my cousin Shannon's little guy, Eian, are the best of pals. They run around like a slightly younger version of Lord of the Flies when they are together. Eian calls her, "My fwend, Isabelle." They hovered around the Christmas tree expectantly together. Teased the dog, ransacked teenage Jenna's room, and sat on the stairs eating chips and "having a tea party" as Isabelle would later tell me. They have deep theological discussions on the evil-ness of coyotes (a continuous and looming topic for both of them) and they even have little fights.

Grace, on the other hand, was my ever present pleasant precious youngest. She was beautiful and sweet and won the hearts of everyone by smiling, liberally passing out kisses, and planting her little self in family members laps to help open gifts. Of course, she always returned to her favorite spot throughout the day. With Momma, you ask? No, on Granny's lap!

On a sad note, my Grandma Margie's best friend for years and years passed away, unexpectedly on Saturday. Phyllis has been a life long friend to Grandma and although the day was fun, we all felt Grandma's loss and mourned with the Meeker family! You will be missed Phyllis!!

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Michelle said...

Grace looks so happy on Granny's lap, it definitely looks like her place. Okay see if my memory holds up Jenna Uncle Dan's daughter?