Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello...is anybody out there?

I'm sorry about the long hiatas. Life has been crazy..and wierd here for a while. We have had a rash of odd sicknesses and accidents that have kept me absent from my beloved blog. I can't tell you how sorry I am.

So, without furture delay, I'd like to shar with you a couple of highlights of the past few weeks. One hightlight was a family vacation to Sunny (a-hem) Florida in Febraury. It was great to get a way, and really a vacation for us because my mom came with us and provided lovely grandparenting services...so Mom and Dad could take naps and go out to dinner occasionally. Granted, it was 40 degrees and rainy, but relaxing, none the less.

One highlight for Conrad and I was our early valentine dinner at Emeril Lagasse's Tchop Shop restaurant. Yum! We enjoyed the ambience and the night away. I'm afraid I've turing my husband into a foodie. Unfortuantley, I was trying not to be so obviuosly touristy in Orlando and forgot my camera...but I did have my phone. So, below is Conrad with our lovely dessert!


The Polo Club said...

Yea, no where was warm during February this year!! It was kind of ridiculous!! Maybe next time we go (with both our families going to Disney once the kids get older :) ) it will be nicer! can't wait to see you guys in just a couple of weeks!

Shanygne said...

oooh! a vacation with a "nana-nanny"!! That's the best kind!
Hope you are all feeling well again!

Anonymous said...

Finally, we hear from you!!!! Hope everyone is over the winter colds, etc and feeling better. I miss you all. Can't wait to see you on the next visit. If I can help out in any way, just let me know.
Aunt Brenda

Oma said...

Oma had the best time w/the kids...even if it was cold. Make sure I'm in when we all go to Disney.....I'm the cheapest babysitter you'll find, Girls!!!

drowninginblessing said...

love those desserts while you can! so glad you're back to blogging