Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I Love Conrad

Every year I'm married to Conrad I sit back in amazement that God brought him into my life. I guess I can say this now, after five years of blissful marriage, but people were just plain freaked out when I met and married a foreigner in a sum total of five months. I AM. SO. GLAD I didn't listen to most folks blah blah blah and listened to the Lord. Really. And just a little extra here...marriage hasn't been a lot of work. Actually it's been one of the easiest relationships I've ever had. Certainly the best one I've ever had. I was expecting a lot of work...because...we'll you hear stories, right? Not to mention, we have a cross cultural thing going on. But really...easy...blessed...good!

In light of nearly completing five WHOLE years of marriage, I thought I'd tell you a few of the many things I love about this guy.

1. His eyes light up when he sees his kids. He is a spectacular dad. He talks about the girls when they aren't with us. He smiles when he thinks about them. All his plans and work revolve around taking the best care of them that he can. He thinks they are the smartest, most beautiful, and most unique beings on the planet.

2. He's a home-boy. Meaning, he really prefers to stay home and hang out with us most of the time. And, in actuality, I am too. I always thought I was just weird because I was such an introvert, but we are happy staying near the homefront and hanging out together most days!

3. We have very similar world views. We are so alike in personality. I think that makes life easy. What do they say? Opposites attract, but similarities keep you together? We see and process the world very much the same. In spite of our cultural differences.

4. He's a Geek. I've always had a thing for smart boys..and I got a smart one! He's uber educated and a real go getter. I LOVE that about Conrad! I love it because he's got the motivationl to provide well for beside the balance of not being a workaholic!

5. He's confident. The first thing I noticed about Conrad was that he has this confident gaite, that's very unique for an Asian. And he's got a confident personality and a confidence in Christ. Love him for that!

6. When I ask him why he loves me he says, because you're mine.


drowninginblessing said...

I agree, Conrad's God's perfect provision for you.

Shanygne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! You're right... marriage is one of the easiest relationships I have ever had, too.

SO happy for you both. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree; Conrad is perfect for you. I think I can speak for our side of the family when I say we are so glad God provided this wonderful man to our family. I love all of you and am so thankful that God gave us 2 beautiful girls to love on and spoil. When God does something, He always does it well. See you soon.
Aunt Brenda