Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Warm and Fuzzy Place

When I came home the other day to completely new floors, I had to put everything away that we had pulled out of closets and corners and tables. It was a good excuse to “organize.” If you know me very well you know that I.LOVE.TO.ORGANIZE. Ask my mom, when I was a child, she used to find me hiding out in my room, alphabetizing my books. Doesn’t say much for my social life as a child now, does it?

On the flip side, although I love a good bargin, nothing makes me crazier than clutter or say…a garage sale. Oh my, schlepping through piles of other peoples trash makes me want to set something on fire! I figured this out one year as I was helping out with a church wide garage sale/fundraiser. That musty smell that emanates from a garage sale is like some kind of crazy drug for me. It makes me cranky and obnoxious.

Okay, breath deep, think happy organized thoughts. Back to my organization happy place. So yesterday, I put aside my normal tasks of making dinner for my family and bathing my children and cleaned out closets and shelves. I hauled out three bags of papers and what-nots. I have no idea where it all came from. I’m not all done, but I got a ton done. And frankly, I’m glad it’s not all done, because I like to visit this warm and fuzzy place every once in a while…

P.S. Mom, I apologize for “cleaning and organizing” your basement that one summer I was home from college and you were away on a trip. I apologize for taking THREE WHOLE truckloads to the dumpster. I apologize for throwing away those ruined moldy old precious baby clothes.

But just for the record, I’d do it all over again!


Mom/Oma said...

Danielle, I still hear the panic in your voice when we would have people over "to Payne's Party Palace" with kids - who would come into your room and destroy it. You weren't nearly as gracious then as you are now. Hope we didn't put toooo much pressure on you by our lifestyle. It made you who you are today....the good and well, mostly good. Just kidding, Honey.

The Polo Club said...

YOU know Danielle, I feel that way too about garage sales. I thought I was weird, everyone else loves them, but they drive me crazy! I just want to throw out all of that junk! hmmmmmm........ must be a family trait we share!

Shanygne said...

I LOVE THIS POST SOOO MUCH!! wow... I am still laughing.

ps. can you come help me get ready for this move???

my blog is now

Leah M said...

Oh, I want to be organized. One day.. one day. :)