Monday, May 03, 2010

Crafty Corner

My family is excited that we have another wedding on the horizon as my cousin Joe is marrying his beautiful fiancee' Tab. So, in preparation of this blessed occasion we have all been helping with the planning for a bridal shower for Tab. So, I found what I wanted, decided it was a little pricey, then found a pattern for sale on Etsy. So I decided to make them myself. I set up a little sweat shop at my house and found all of the componants at various stores to re-create the picture in my head...and these little purses turned out WAY cooler than I even pictured in my head! They are going to look awesome on the tables stuffed with favors! These babies actually are already packed with gifts!


The Polo Club said...

LOVE THEM!!! They look great!!! Let me know what you guys need me to do to help. Talk to you soon!

Michelle said...

Those look too good! Just when I think you can't out do yourself poof there is another Danielle great!!