Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I failed to mention it here, so I thought I’d recap. We went to Mon Ami’s for dinner and it was wonderful! It was nice to get together with the whole family and, as usual, the kids had a great time with Oma. I have to say, my mom has had a rough year, but through it all, she has emerged with much grace, beauty, and strength. All of which I hope I inherited! I’m not sure I know any other woman with the strength and integrity that she has, to be quite honest. So happy belated birthday, Mom. We love you and hope to have you around for another fifty or so years!

On a lighter note, she doesn’t look like she’s in her mid 50’s, does she? Her and her sisters age remarkably well! Good livin’, good genes…I hope I got that too!

These were the birthday cupcakes I made for my mom. I tried my hand at fondant, which actually bombed pretty badly. I put them in the fridge overnight and fondant got floppy. But oh were the cupcakes yummy!

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