Friday, June 25, 2010

Mommy Vacation

My babies have been at my parent's up north for most of this week because of the babysitters vacation. So Conrad and I have been on Parenting Vacation. I have to say that I was REALLY ready for one and although I miss my little ones and I'm ready for them to come home today, I very much enjoyed a little me time.

We didn't do all that much because, of course, we were working, we did accomplish some things in the house, which I'll show you pictures of when we finish them up! And all of the creative activity is really "nourishing" to me. Some of you probably get that, but it really rejuvenates me to put my hand to something artsy for a while. And sleep. Did I mention how much sleep rejuvenates me? I've been loving that too.

I also noticed after the kids had been gone for about two days, I started to think clearer, more coherent thoughts than I usually do. Linear. Usually, I can't follow a train of thought very long before I'm interrupted, and as a result I got ALL kinds of ideas on what I would like to share with you here on The Michael Chronicles. Hopefully all of my great posts won't fly out the window by 7:30 tonight after the babies get home. So I won't make any promises.

Meanwhile, I don't want you to worry about Isabelle and Grace up at Oma's house. I told her yesterday on the phone that I missed her and was ready for her to come home. She said she missed me too, but would be ready to come home after another day or two at Oma's. They love being up there in Grandparent heaven, surrounded by all of their adoring fans. Where every grunt is satisfied and every smile and blink is applauded. Isabelle went to Wal-mart with my Aunt Brenda yesterday and made the off-handed comment to her, "Aunt Brenda, doesn't it make you happy to buy me everything I want?" Brenda replied dutifully, "Yes, it does, Isabelle. Should I add this 4th bag of candy to the cart?"

On second thought you may very well not hear from me this upcoming week, as we take the kids through Grandparent Detox. It may be a painful process.


Oma said...

And fun we did have!!! You can't imagine what it means to have them with us 24/7.....I'm hoping for G-Mom camp for next summer with all three of my girls---I'll take an entire week and we'll camp out and catch fireflys and roast marshmallows and stay up all night-well we just about did that this week. Needless to say, Granny and I slept pretty good last night but, Oh, the quietness...I thought I heard Granny cry when she went to bed without Gracie Lou!! Love you guys!!!

drowninginblessing said...

Grandparent Detox... cute! Oh it would be nice to have some grammies nearby. God is good, even in the distance.