Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Door

I scoured the internet to find something I liked for our front door. Like...a wreath? But if you’ve ever looked for a wreath, they are NOT cheap. I decided that I was feelin’ crafty and wanted to make something for our front door.

So I found a tutorial on how to make a big letter for your front door. Isabelle and I shopped for a big paper mache’ letter at Joann’s Fabric...which is the only place you can get them, I think. They are about $8. We then bought two bags of Sheet Moss. It’s a bit messy, but you can just cut it up and glue it on with hot glue. Each bag was about $8, as well.

After that we glued a ribbon on (actually with Gorilla Glue, since the hot glue ribbon kept coming loose from the heat between the door and the screen door). Then we hung it from a wreath hanger! Wa la!

And while the girls were gone at Oma’s last week, Conrad painted the front door, and I put a vinyl “Welcome” on it. I rounded out our front porch with some new red cushions for curb appeal. Love how it turned out!


Natalie said...

Very nice! The "M" turned out really cute, and the red door really adds visual appeal. Oh, and by the way, nice plant urns - they look familiar?!?!? Are those the same ones I bought you as a house warming present? :)

Your craftiness and energy level never cease to amaze me!

Danielle said...

Yes, Nat! They are the very same ones you bought be seven years ago! Thanks! They've been oh so nice year after year!

Craftiness...maybe. Energy level? not any more!!

drowninginblessing said...

I love it! So classy and homey. You really need to come to asia and do some home improvements for us... :)
They're laying the foundation for our village house this week.

Leah M said...

Wow! That looks beautiful.. red is a favorite of mine. :)

Esther said...

Love that written Welcome, and the red, and the green moss. Very cool :)

Shanygne said...

That is SOOO great! I LOOOOVE it! way to go!

Michelle said...

Danielle that is gorgeous!!