Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Home Improvements

We came into a bit of extra money thanks to a hail storm and a reasonably price contractor. Thank you, Lord, for a little windfall! So we decided to try to put some of the money back into making our home sell-able. day, we'll get up the nerve to put in back on the market and face those wretched "showings" I know all my friends who have done this with small children understand my reluctance to do so.

We decided to do some little things and we love the results. We have also re-discovered our love of Craigs List. We bid out our jobs and found some great contractors who do excellent work and charge very resonable prices.

So...we have yet to hang up many of our pictures again, but boy what a difference a lot of paint and a few fixture changes made.

We put in a new light in our entryway, thank you Contractor Jim! And these are all Benjamin Moore Colors. They even suggested the combination. We have been avoiding painting our 20 foot walls because..well...we didn't know where to begin! But thanks to Painter Chris, it looks fab!!

I know I always go a little crazy with my kitchen colors. Conrad says our old color made him feel like he was in a mexican restaurant. I toned it down with a Navy Blue...because..well, I did not want to buy new curtains! I know, nice logic, right? Anyway, what you can't see is that the other walls are "Harbor Fog"..a light grayish blue to help lighten it up. The girls and I went away for the weekend and came home to the whole house painted. Nice.

And I chose a clean green for the laundry room. I love the way it flows together with the blue. Again, with all of the storage shelves there, I had always avoided paiting this space, but we are really happy with it!


TClayton said...

I think we might be using Harbor Fog in our Master bedroom...I'll have to go look at the color, but it sounds REALLY familiar.

drowninginblessing said...

So funny. Esther is sending us a tablecloth so our kitchen can look like a Mexican restaurant. Personally I find Mexican restaurants to be quite comfy! :) Rachel (feeling lots of warm fuzzies lately since we welcomed a new Mexican colleague that I can speak to in Spanish all day long).