Thursday, July 01, 2010


A couple of weeks ago my sister Jona had a conference around here and she came to stay with us and brought Abby, my niece. And of course, wherever the three granddaughters gather, Oma isn’t far behind, so she came to visit as well.

The kids are all just now about old enough to interact and enjoy it and since we live hours away from each other, we try to take every opportunity we have to get together. The girls had so much fun hanging out, playing, swimming, and having a short toddler “slumber party.”

We thought about the zoo, but I vetoed that idea as soon as I saw the thermastat reach a cool 90 degrees (and rising). No matter how many polar bears are at the zoo...three toddlers, crowded zoo, smelly animals....that just didn’t sound like a good time.


Oma said...

Those pics are adorable. I have the most beautiful granddaughters in the world!!! I had so much fun watching them. I LOVE the door too!!
Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

what beautiful girls they are Opa

Anonymous said...

i love thease pictures, your front door and porch looks just great,love you guys gram