Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Workin the System

I love my girls. They are both so unique and beautiful in different ways. Isabelle is more like me in personality. As a friend in college used to describe me, "Pow! No sugar on that fist." And yep. That pretty much describes my oldest.

Grace takes a different approach to things. I can see her little wheels turning as she watches Isabelle's tacticts to getting her way and I can see her thinking, "Hmmmm that's not working well. I think I'll try something different." So her response to most everything? "Yaaes." and "Okay, Mommy." Even if she has no intentions of doing what you ask.

Her newest thing is if you ask her to do something that she really doesn't want to do. She'll look at you, smile, come up to you, and pet your arm or leg, and say sweetly, "Moooommmyyyy, Moooommmmmyyy." I think she hopes you'll get distracted by all of the sugar she's rubbin in. And, I have to admit, sometimes it works.

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drowninginblessing said...

Sepia... cute kids lookin' even cuter!