Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Few Informational Linky's for Wednesday

I have read some interesting articles lately and I thought I'd share some links with you. Firstly (is that a word?), some of you may know that for about 8 months our little Grace had something going on. It seemed like a cold that just wouldn't let go. One night she even had a febrile seizure.

Anyway, during that 8 months or so, she would cough and cough at night. That would be the only symptom that would hang on in between colds. She was on four rounds of antibiotics and it would go away for a week, maybe two, and then come back. Every night she would cough and throw up from coughing so much. It was terrible!

Finally, after some prompting from a good friend, Christy, who's son had the same thing, we forced our pediatrician to see if it was a rare form of asthma, called Cough Varient Asthma. Sure enough, after treating it as a bacterial infection, and as allergies, to no avail, we tried an asthma medicine and the girl hasn't thrown up in two months!

All of that to say, I recently read a blog post from a Shaklee distributor about the effects of regular household cleaners, and aresol sprays on pregnant woman and the baby. This stuff is scary, but I'm beginning to wonder if my favorite Scrubbing Bubbles didn't cause Grace's Asthma!? Needless to say, the last time I cleaned the bathroom I was covering my mouth with my shirt, waving my hands wildly, and yelling at the girls, "Get out! Danger! Danger!" ha! Anyway Check out the article at House of Grace. I'm definatley re-thinking my cleaner situation.

While I'm on the bandwagon, I've still been mulling over organics and what-not. We have made the switch with dairy, and recently with meat, including grass fed beef (thank you, Food, Inc.) but now I'm feeling pressure to start buying organic produce. Not that my kids eat much produce. Sorry, I hate to give up that parent of the year award, but unless I hide the veggies in something, they aren't having it. My manager, who is a dietician, by education, sent me this article on how the nutritional value of fruits and veggies has gone drastically down because of genetic engineering, while organics have gone up. To read this article she forwarded from her Nutritionist Newsletter. Again, it makes you think!

And lastly, on a lighter note I just saw this article on the (college) class of 2014. Did you know that they don't teach cursive writing anymore? I had no idea...


drowninginblessing said...

Hi D, Thanks for the edumacation. We started using vinegar a while back as our all purpose household cleaner. None of the funky stuff. It doesn't make things shine as much but still seems to clean (as clean as they are here). Is "linky" a word?

Danielle said...

ha! Ya, Rach, I've started vinegar too in some things, but I CAN'T TAKE THE SMELL!! Pickles Pickles everywhere!

I think linky is blog talk, I'm not sure it's an official word :)

Leah said...

Thanks for the links to the articles. I'm reading In Defense of Food.. have you read it or heard about it?

Luke has had breathing problems which landed us in the ER one day and we now have an inhaler for him.

I keep debating on how much to go towards organic. Didn't you have a book you liked awhile back taht was pretty basic?

Beth said...

I've tried all the chemical free cleaners and my favorite brand in everything is Method. They make everything smell clean and fresh without the harshness. You really notice chemical smells after you switch everything you can thing of.

Michelle said...

I haven't went organic yet on all the household cleaners, but I have been using baking soda with a lot of things the last few years. The dentist recommended it for whitening teeth that have been fixed (it worked), a remedy to help with hornet stings (make a paste), and it worked to get the rings out of the tub w/out mr scrubby bubble. thanks for all the links.

Christy said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading this afternoon. Yay! I'm so happy you aren't washing sheets and a child every night. She must be feeling a lot better, too!